JAN 8, 2020
    Ray Bonde has The Ghost Of Hitler's Revenge/ I'm hopping that the book will be published summer of 2020.

FEB 1, 2020
    Began working on the Ghost Of Lasiter's Reef. I hope that it will be sent to Ray sometime this summer but
knowing my luck, it will probably be this winter.

MARCH 5, 2020
    Lasiter is doing very good so far. I hope that when it's finished, everyone will enjoy the read. I am preparing for a
book signing on Saturday March 21st followed by a second one March 28.

MARCH 7, 2020
    Just finished chapter 42 and reading back it sounds pretty good. The only problem I had was I somehow got the
time line all mixed up and it had to be corrected. When I'm finished, I'll have to read the story and do my first edit and
check the time line once again. I normally do upwards of three reads before I send it to my editor
,  Ray Bonde and
drive her nuts with all the corrections that I expect she'll ask me to do. I really don't mind the corrections because after
, all I have is a better story

MARCH 14.2020
      Next week I am supposed to have a book signing but because of the virus pandemic, I'm going to postpone it
until a later date. I can't believe anyone would attend the signing plus I have a negative feeling about attending it myself.
What I don't need is to get sick

JULY 19,2020
       I'm sorry I haven't been keeping my web site updated, but, thanks to the virus, I was laid off and not in the mood
to write or update. It's only been within the last three or four weeks that I was able to get another job and try to get
back to a somewhat normal routine schedule-if you call trying to catch up on bills as routine. At least I'm getting back
to my writing. When I write, I do not have an outline so to start writing again, I had to re-read my story again to find
out where I left off. Anyway, I'm writing again now and it feels good to do so. I'll try harder to keep my site updated
but with this virus beginning to go wild again, I'm not sure what's going to happen. The good thing is I am working for
a company where everyone is a first responder because the furniture the build goes to hospitals, nursing homes, other
first responders.