The smoke in the hallway was getting thicker making it even more difficult to search for
           A few feet further, Turner found another elderly man leaning over his wife’s decapitated body
           “Help me! I can’t find her head.  Please—help me,” the man said looking at Turner with
    beseeching eyes and a tear stained face.
           Turner felt the bile rise in the back of his throat at the sight of the headless elderly woman
    with her husband beside her weeping, his hands reaching out to touch a face that was no longer
           “Please help me find her.  I can’t find my Betty,” the old man repeated to Turner.
           Turner strained his eyes trying to see through the dense smoke and dust when, for only a
    second, the smoke cleared and he saw the head of an elderly woman with blood streaked snow
    white hair and sightless eyes as only death can bring.  Turner walked haltingly over to where the
    woman’s head lay and saw it was partially covered with a large piece of blood-streaked sheet
    metal.  With little regard for the consequences that would most assuredly be doled out by the
    medical examiner, Turner picked up the metal, and with disgust for those who could do this to
    innocent people, threw it as far as he could.  He then cradled the woman’s head and slowly carried
    it back to where the old man was kneeling and positioned the woman’s head on her body.  The old
    man looked up at Turner with a sorrowful but grateful expression, tenderly touched the cheeks of
    his wife, and laid his head on her still breast.

                       ISBN NUMBER    781461151975