Van Clift motioned to Bear’s tent  with a wave of his arm.  “Line everyone up so we can pay them.”
           “Yes sir,” Bear said anxious to do Van Clift’s bidding.  “Everyone, make a line,” Bear yelled out.  “I’ll take care
    of the     diving team first then I’ll take care of the guards.”
           As soon as everyone was in line to get paid, Bear looked at the guards and nodded his head.  Immediately the
    guards raised their weapons and fired.
           A couple of the men saw what was coming as they raised their arms and yelled, “No!  Don’t do this—please.”
           Their pleas fell on deaf ears as the guards began to fire.  One man lay on the ground, still alive as a guard walked
    over to him.
           “Why?”  was all the man could say before the guard shot him again.
           The guard looked around at all the bodies, and then walked over toward Bear checking his kill.
           “You did a damn good job,” Bear said.  “I’ll make sure there’s a little something extra for you”
               Without warning, Bear saw the guard raise his rifle and aimed it at his face.
           “Now wait a minute,” Bear said.  “You work for me, remember?”
           “Correction,” the guard said, “I work for Mr. Van Clift,” as he pulled the trigger.
           A sudden red spot appeared on Bear’s forehead as a small trickle of blood and grey matter seeped out and Bear
    fell forward.
           Van Clift walked up to the guard and looked down at Bear and said, “I never liked the prick anyway.”

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