PROLOGUE I

           For millions of years, the intruder silently sped through the dark reaches of the
    universe.  Its course constantly changed a couple of degrees each time it came close to a
    distant star.  
           The intruder was born over a hundred million years ago when two planets collided
    in an explosive cataclysm, sending a chunk of debris into the heavens the size of two
    football fields to meet with destiny.  Deep within its body, a passenger sleeps waiting
    for the day when it is re-awakened in the warmth of its new home.  Far ahead of its path,
    a star loomed a million miles off the intruder’s path but close enough to reach out with it
    gravitational pull to change its path yet again.  The intruder’s path was changed three
    degrees, not a large amount, but enough to put it in the path of an asteroid revolving
    around that sun.  The impact struck with the force of a hundred nuclear bombs splitting
    the intruder in half.  One-half of the intruder was sent harmlessly in a different direction
    away from the sun.  The other half, however, went in the opposite direction of its twin—
    its destiny being a fiery death as it closed in on a blue-green planet orbiting a star by the
    name of Sol.
           For a million years the inhabitants of that planet watched streaks of light in the sky
    appear from out of nowhere only to disappear again.  This time was different.  The streak
    of light grew larger as it tore through the planet’s atmosphere before striking a large
    body of water one mile from land.  Over a million cubic feet of hot, boiling steam was
    thrown into the air sending a thick cloud twenty thousand feet into the air.  The intruder
    refused to die there as it tore through the water striking the bottom with such force
    triggering a violent earthquake.  Two immensely large tsunamis were created.  The first
    tsunami towered five hundred feet from the impact with the water.  The second tsunami
    formed when the intruder struck the seabed causing a ten-point magnitude quake.  The
    resulting quake raised the seabed six hundred feet and created a wave one thousand feet
    high crashing over the land burying everything beneath tons of water and debris.  The
    gigantic wave spread out traveling at nearly the speed of sound inundating distant lands a
    thousand miles away.  Nothing survived the wave’s rage as it flooded the land as far in a
    thousand miles from the shore.
           The reef where the intruder hit was raised four hundred feet.  The intruder lay
    buried under tons of rock as magma found its way to the surface through cracks caused  
    by the quake sealing the intruder and it’s passenger in its relentless grip until the Ghost
    Of Lasseter's Reef is released on mankind.

The Ghost Of Lassiter's Reef